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E-Verify Employer

Government legislation requires employers to verify that all newly hired individuals are authorized to work in the United States and to complete an Employment Verification (Form I-9) for each new associate. Newly hired Partners will be required to provide legally acceptable proof of their identity and authorization to work in the US.

E-Verify is an Internet based system operated by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in partnership with the Social Security Administration (SSA) that allows participating employers to electronically verify the employment eligibility of new hires and the validity of their Social Security Numbers.

Through participation in the E-Verify program, TDIndustries electronically verifies the employment eligibility and Social Security Number validity of all new Partners.

Growing Leaders From Within the Company

We believe in growing leaders from within. We give each individual the training to achieve that goal. In our Mission Statement, we promise to provide “outstanding career opportunities,” which is one of the reasons so many Partners have grown up with the company. All of our Partners participate in leadership development classes, patterned on the principles of Servant Leadership. Some of our leadership programs include The Supervisor’s Academy for promotable or newly promoted supervisors as well as the Graduate Leadership Program for high-potential leaders at TD. Our goal: “To help our Partners achieve their career and professional development goals.”

In 2013, Partners attended more than 10,353 hours of Leadership Development training. Total training hours per Partner was 33!

We Also Believe That Our Partners Make The Best Recruiters

TDIndustries has made a commitment to promote from within. This empowers our Partners to forge their own career path within the company. This is possible because we balance big company stability and resources with a small company feel. We also have an open door policy, encouraging feedback from any level, allowing every Partner to have a voice.


TDIndustries Has Made A Commitment To Promote From Within.

  • Ronell Peters – Sr. Vice President

    TDIndustries not only offered me a career opportunity but was willing to invest in the training, the mentoring, and the motivation necessary in order to help me prepare for advancement.

  • Nikki Morgan – Sr. Vice President

    Starting as Executive Assistant 17 years ago and currently Sr. Vice President, responsible for the Houston Service/Building Automation/IAQ divisions, I would say the career opportunities here are plentiful.  You need to work hard and take chances at things you might not typically think would fit in what you thought your career would look like.

    When I was getting my Bachelor’s in Business, I never knew what my path was going to be, but TD helped me find it.

  • Matt Terry – Team Leader

    My career at TD has included project management responsibilities, sales responsibilities and now leadership responsibilities.  Throughout my career, TD has provided me with a multitude of opportunities to grow both professionally and personally.  What I believe is truly unique about TD is that while my career growth has been rapid, TD has always surrounded me with great leaders and mentors who are constantly by my side for advice and guidance.

  • Justin Beard – Sr. Project Manager

    I was just 8 months into my career at TDIndustries when Jack Lowe, Jr. invited me to serve on an ESOP Committee within TDIndustries and eventually attend the National ESOP Convention in his place. That is the kind of commitment to growing people that runs throughout the leadership at TDIndustries. Starting out in production, transitioning into management and eventually finding myself in a leadership role, I appreciate receiving the mentorship of so many great leaders at TDIndustries who are truly committed to providing outstanding careers for our partners.

  • David Fultz – Vice President

    TD has provided me an amazing opportunity to continually grow, take on more responsibility, and help our Partners do the same!  TD’s Servant Leadership culture and commitment to excellence has challenged me to become a leader both here and in our community.

Internships that Count

  • Ken Luong

    “The TDlndustries internship experience was a large influence of why I wanted to join this company. As an engineering major, the culture I experienced here separated TDlndustries from any other company. The construction industry was something I never thought I’d be in, but I knew I would actually like getting up and going to work if I worked at TD. The internship challenged me to step outside my comfort zone to gain a much richer experience.

    As a TDPartner, I volunteered to lead the summer internship/Partner events that allow interns to engage with recent full-time hires (previous interns) and senior executives. The first event is a formal welcome dinner which breaks the ice among interns, Partners and senior leaders. The second event is a cookout in TD Woods, an open greenspace at the corporate office. The entire office attends, encouraging interns to network and learn more of our culture. The summer internship wraps up with the final event: a traditional game of whirlyball where the competitive spirit really comes alive. I mean, how often are you encouraged to crash into your CEO? It is perfect way to celebrate the interns and their accomplishments over the summer. Overall, being a part of this program really solidified my desire to work at TD and to share my experience with other TD interns.”

Looking Out For Our Veterans

TD provides a variety of career opportunities that leverage previous military training. From Maintenance Mechanics and Service Technicians to Facility Management and Engineering professionals and beyond, we find that military training produces Partners with great leadership ability and a disciplined work ethic. We also are committed to supporting those Partners who currently serve on active or reserve duty.
First off, it is truly a blessing to work for a Company that is thoughtful enough to send their love in so many different forms that give not only morale but the sense of belonging. I for one realize that it is easy to get caught up in our ‘day to day’ lives and forget to reach out and show how much people mean to us. It didn’t just hit me (while deployed) that I work for an organization that is known for its family style atmosphere, not only in conversation but in our Partners’ actions. On behalf of my soldiers and myself THANK YOU for your patriotism, thoughtful minds, kind words and generosity!

Your long-distance Partner Paul Washington”