A Place Where Hard Work
And Fun Go Hand-In-Hand


Fun At TD

We have fun together! For us, humor and laughter are integral to human expression and help
build bridges between people. Good fellowship enables us to interact with good heartedness.

  • 2014 Chili Dynasty took 2nd place at the TEXO chili cook-off
  • Jobsite barbeque!
  • TD group visits to games
  • Surprises like ice cream breaks
  • The TD group “Iron Butts” gathering
  • Memorial Day Annual Picnic
  • Memorial Day Annual Picnic
  • Easter
  • Halloween Costume Contest
  • Halloween Costume Contest
  • Mardi Gras Party
  • Cinco de Mayo Cookout


TDCares provides a financial resource for our Partners in times of significant and immediate need.
TDCares is funded solely by Partner contributions of paid personal time (vacation) or cash. This fund is eligible for any Partner effective their first day of work. Home destroyed by flood or fire? Need special medical equipment but can’t afford it? Dealing with mounds of bills during a terminal illness? TD’s Partners are there to help. Fund decisions are made by Partners who work in the same department as the Partner in need.


Keeping it in the family. At TDIndustries, there are many examples of multi-generational families
working in different divisions and locations of the company.

  • Tracy Houston & Dominic Roddy

    “I really appreciate that TD has given my daughter and I the opportunity to work together. I don’t consider my Partners at TD as just coworkers, but rather my extended family away from home. I couldn’t ask for a better work environment for the two of us to be a part of each day.”
    – Tracy Houston

    “Before I became a TD Partner, I would listen to all the great things my mom had to say about working here and being a part of the TD family. So when the opportunity came up, I jumped at the chance to work for a company that has been on the Best Places to Work list for 17 years in a row, and to work with my mom is a great bonus! I’m thankful to the company for hiring family members and giving us the opportunity to become a part of the TD family.”
    – Dominic Roddy

  • The Hogans

    I am proud to have other family members working here. TD has been a part of my family for many years. John and I had a dad (Art Sr.) that retired from here. I started my career in 1977, worked for two years, then pursued other opportunities; in 2003, I rejoined the team. TD was always close to me, even during my absence as Dad, John and our younger brother Robert were working here. I was always talking to Ed, Ben, Bruce and other Partners at ABC and CEF functions over those years as well.

    TD has always meant a lot to our family and has had so many positive impacts in our lives. The TD family was there for us through medical situations and the deaths of our mom and dad. It is great to know your company supports you when you need it. I would and have recommended other family members to work here. The whys are easy because of the way the company cares about the people (Partners), and the benefits are hard to beat.
    – Art Hogan Jr.

    TD has been a part of my family for almost 40 years, and I cannot imagine working anywhere else. I started my in 1977, and I credit my career success to the support and opportunities that TD has provided.
    – John Hogan

  • Terry Baker & Roberta Adams

    “I have been at TDIndustries for over 17 years and my extended TDFamily has always had my back. Coming to work each day at TD has always been great – new challenges, familiar faces and a guaranteed laugh. I have formed great relationships and friendships too. I love learning new things, and TD will provide the education needed for your future. I am proud to come to work at TDIndustries every day.”
    – Terry Baker

  • The Morales Family

    “I started with TD in 2001. When I applied, I didn’t mention who my family was and I still got the job. My dad joked that I’d never make it at TD – I took that as a challenge – and I’ve been here ever since.”
    – Jessica Morales Ramos

    “TD was my first job. I started working summers when I was in high school and after graduation became a full-time TDPartner. I’ve been with TD for 15 years now. My father, Mario Sr., is the one who taught me how to work. He wasn’t easy on me—but he’s the reason I am where I am today.”
    – Mario “Jr.” Morales

    Jessica and Jr. comment on the Morales family’s relationship:
    “We’re really family-oriented. I think that’s the one thing we all have in common,” shares Jessica.

    “Not surprisingly, a shared career has only strengthened the bonds among us [Genaro, Mario and Martín]. My father and uncles help each other by sharing what they learn on the job. They each learn something new every day, and they make sure to pass that knowledge on so we can all gain from it,” says Jr.

  • Tracy Houston & Dominic Roddy
  • The Hogans
  • Terry Baker & Roberta Adams
  • The Morales Family