Our Values

  • Build and Maintain Trusting Relationships

    • Be an empathetic listener
    • Act with Fairness - no double standards
    • Speak with honesty - Behave with integrity
    • Make and keep your commitments

    We act with fairness and honesty and always do what we say we will do. We hold ourselves accountable for our actions and to the high ethical standard modeled by our founder, Jack Lowe, Sr.

  • Fiercely Protect the Safety of All Partners

    • Show concern for every person
    • Your safety is my responsibility
    • Stop any unsafe work behaviors
    • Zero injuries for our families

    We will never, under any circumstance, compromise on safety. It is our fundamental responsibility to create and maintain a safe place where all partners can work without fear of injury. We hold one another accountable for identifying and reporting unsafe situations without retribution.

  • Lead with a Servant's Heart

    • Be humble and respectful
    • Listen to understand, not to respond
    • Teach, inspire and support others to be their best
    • Hold yourself and others accountable

    We believe in the potential of our partners and encourage them to achieve their personal best. We all are partners, teachers, guides and mentors. We challenge each other to be better and celebrate each success.

  • Passionately Pursue Excellence

    • Hold high expectations of myself and others
    • Innovate and challenge the status quo
    • Never stop learning
    • Be 100% responsible for results - No Excuses

    We passionately pursue excellence in ourselves and our work. Driven by the desire to make an impact in all we do, we continuously seek opportunities to improve. We succeed together and we own our results.

  • Celebrate the Power of Individual Differences

    • Create a culture of collaboration and inclusion
    • Encourage new ideas
    • Learn from each other's perspectives
    • Be grateful for each contributor
    • Achieve more together

    Our commitment to an inclusive environment allows us to harness the strength of diversity. We value each individual's contribution to the whole. We are partners. We are family.

Giving Back

Our TDPartners are good stewards in our communities, schools, churches and families. This is because giving back is part of TD culture. We contribute both individually and collectively to leave our world a better place. We encourage community service. From professional associations to trade groups, and PTAs to youth sports or other nonprofit work, we give the time and monetary support to lend a helping hand.

  • United Way Days of Caring in Central Texas
  • House on the Corner
  • Toys for Tots Toy Drive in Houston
  • Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure
  • Arizona Builders’ Alliance Toy Drive
  • Metrocrest Toy Drive in North Texas
  • TDIndustries is a proud partner of the United Way
  • United Way Days of Caring in Central Texas
  • United Way Days of Caring in Central Texas
  • TD’s La Gente team at Cena en el Barrio delivering food to families in need

Celebrating Differences

We at TDIndustries believe effective communication is integral to understanding and valuing our individual differences – and we celebrate the fact that each of us is unique. We all bring our own life experiences and stories to the table.  Our mission, vision and diversity statement reflect the importance of our diversity.

  • We value our individual differences.
  • We recruit, hire and promote true Servant Leaders who care about our diversity.
  • We believe that communication is the key to understanding and valuing diversity.

“Our mission, vision and diversity statement reflect the importance of our diversity at TD. We recruit, hire and promote true Servant Leaders who care about our diversity.”

– Mo Underwood, Executive Vice President of TD’s People Department